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Introduction to Positive Psychology


  • Limited Time Bonus: CPD Accredited Certificate
  • Limited Time Bonus: CPD / CE Credit Hours 
  • Limited Time Bonus: High Definition Transparent CPD Seal 
  • Limited Time Bonus: HD Transparent Certification Seal 

This training is a fully-accredited professional program by The CPD Accreditation Group with 20 OPTIONAL CPD / CE Credit Hours. The course contains HD video content, the Entire Audio version of the program, course transcript, workbook, assignments, handouts, and supplementary resources that you can download any time and from any device.

You will also have FREE access to a private positive psychology/leadership coaching community network with over 3,000 active life coaches from all over the world and FREE one-on-one mentoring/coaching. You can be coached by one of them, our Certified Coaches, or practice positive psychology skills and receive valuable credit hours. The coaches within this network have either completed or completed one of the Life Success Academy certification programs.

This comprehensive training course contains

  • High Definition Video Content

  • Course Workbook

  • Full Program Transcript

  • Program Assignments Booklet

  • Full PowerPoint / Keynote Presentation

  • Full Audio Version to learn " on the run."

  • Positive Psychology Books to support additional learning

  • And Much More...

    The research shows that happy people are successful. Let's work on your success!!

    If you answer YES, to any of the following statements, this Accredited Positive Psychology  Certification course is for you:

    • I  want to Become Happier

    • I want to learn about Positive Psychology

    • I want Practical Tools to improve my life

    • I am a Life Coach and want to learn Positive Psychology to help my clients.

    • I want to become a Certified Life Coach with a focus on Happiness

    • I am a Therapist / Counselor looking for additional ways to help my clients

    • I am an HR Professional and want to implement a Happiness Program inside my Organization

    • I am a Small Business Owner and want to coach my employees on Happiness

    • I am a Manager looking for tools to help my employees

    • I am an Executive and want to learn how Mindfulness Coaching can help my Employees

    • I am a Workshop Creator and Want to Facilitator Mindfulness Training

    In this course, you will learn:

    • Fundamentals of Positive Psychology

Relationships between Happiness and Success

  • What Defines Happiness - Learn to Become Happier

  • How to Establish New "Good" Habits and Change the Old "Bad" Routines

  • Happiness and Wellbeing Theoretical and Practical Modalities

  • Mindfulness Fundamentals and Practical Tools

  • Scientifically proven Resiliency Factors

  • Setting up Goals while keeping Happiness in Mid 

  • How Empathy and Gratitude can help us live a better and more fulfilling life

  • How to Help our Children Become Happier

  • Apply the tools and secrets that are scientifically proven to increase our happiness level and improve overall wellbeing

  • What Positive Psychology – Science of Happiness – is and what is not

  • What is happiness and how to become happier using the scientifically proven methods

  • How to start any new habit or change the existing

  • 7 Tools to help you change any habit

  • Why and how gratitude can help you become happier and more successful

  • Empathy and Happiness – Mirror Neurons and how we are built to help others

  • Fully Accredited CPD / CE Program by the CPD Accreditation Group.