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Weekly Live Coaching Calls and Training Sessions, Community,  Challenges, Meetups,  Online courses (Over 200 Hours), Fully Accredited Certification Packages, Guided Meditation, Webinars, Live Events, Interviews, Books, Research Papers, and More.

900 +

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60,000 +


6,000 +

5 STAR Reviews

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I want to be your Coach and give you access to EVERYTHING I've been teaching since 2008.

Over 60,000 Clients, Students, and Members can't be wrong.

Life Success Academy Membership is a place of total happiness.  It's not just about academics but, a family that cares about every member's emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs.

Akonnor Solomon, CEO Spiritlynk

For anyone wishing to take their coaching/training skills to the next level (whatever that level may be) I highly recommend Life Success Academy Membership.

Margarita Danielian, Coach


Every week. Recordings are available.


With CPD / CE Credits and Marketing Material.


Provided Daily by the Instructor 


With Help from the Teaching Assistant 


Live Meetings, Challenges, and More

1 x 1     COACHING 

Planning Session for Yearly Members

About Your Trainer and Community Leader

Braco Pobric is a bestselling author, life coach, executive coach, master trainer, and globally renowned positive psychology expertBraco is a founding member and Chief Happiness Officer of the Life Success Academy (LSA), Certified Positive Psychology Master Trainer, and former globally Certified Trainer and Business Coach for Dale Carnegie Training. With LSA, Braco trained over 60,000 Students in 182 countries and received over 6,000 5-Star reviews. For most of his career, Braco worked as a Wall Street Executive and owned multiple businesses from a young age

ONLY the LSA Membership Give You...


Weekly Live Coaching. Closed Community. 

Weekly Training with Braco 

(Recordings Available) 


Valued at USD 300 per Session



Access all the Life Success Academy  Courses with Premier+ Support and Closed Community

Valued at USD 5,000 

Inclusion in the Life Success Academy Certified Coaches Database


Available ONLY for the LSA Members 

Accredited Certification, CPD/CE Credits, Marketing Materials, and more. 


Valued at USD 300 per course  

Starter Monthly

Free 15-Days then $19.99/monthly

  • Access to ALL Life Success Academy Online Programs ($4,000 value)
  • Certification packages for ALL the Programs ($300 value per program) 
  • Tools, Webinars, and communities to support your personal and business goals
  • Premier+ Support
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Pro Annual

Free 15-Days then $199 yearly

  • LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls Facilitated by Braco Pobric ($3,000 value)
  • Access to 4 Stages of Life Success  ($1,500)
  • LIVE Weekly Training Sessions  ($2,000 value)
  • Access to ALL Life Success Academy Online Programs ($4,000 value) 
  • Certification packages for ALL the Programs (300 value per course) 
  • Tools, Webinars, and communities to support your personal and business goals
  • 30% Discounts on Positive Psychology Master Coach, Business Mastermind, and 1x1 Coaching Packages
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