Positive Psychology: Resilience Practitioner

$199.00 USD

This course covers the scientifically proven methods to understand and practice...

  • How to become more resilient

  • How to bend but not break

  • Why having a role model is a key factor to resiliency 

  • What to do to maintain Physical Fitness

  • Why Brain Fitness is important and what to do about it 

  • How to maintain Emotional and Cognitive Flexibility

  • How to find Meaning and Purpose

  • When (Grounded) Optimism makes sense 

  • Why Facing Fear is more important than avoiding it 

  • Create Your Moral Compass

  • When Spirituality and Religion can help with the Resiliency 

  • Is Social Support so important and how to create one

This program is a Fully Accredited CPD / CE Program by the CPD Accreditation Group.

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