Navigating Optimistically Through COVID

Navigating Optimistically Through Covid with Carolyn King

The covid-19 pandemic has made life uncomfortable and challenging in every aspect of life globally. Australia, for instance, has been in lockdown and curfew for over 200 days as necessary measures to curb the further spread of the novel coronavirus. People can’t even go out except to get a few essentials. Social interactions have been limited to virtual meetings, taking away the human nature of being social beings. Additionally, companies have been closed, and thousands have lost jobs rendering a lot of people hopeless.

In this other exciting episode of the Success and Happiness Podcast, I am joined by Carolyn King. We chat about how you can get help to navigate these abnormal days optimistically, how Optimism can be genetically passed from one generation to another, and how to build resilience during hard times. Various social support and social contact tools such as zoom and WhatsApp can be used for virtual partying and meetings, so as to relieve day’s tension and stress. We also highlight some of the profitable activities that you can get engaged with, during the covid -19 pandemic.


Carolyn is a kinesiologist, speaker, author, host of The Happiness Hour, and ambassador for the Human Wisdom Project. Her passion is to empower individuals to reconnect with their Innate Happiness. Today’s episode is aimed at giving you hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:52] Theme in Today’s episode

[02:24] Optimism can be genetically passed, but it must be nurtured

[03:55] Covid -19 pandemic is among the greatest pandemics in human history

[04:15] Resiliency is built during hard times

[05:29] The need for social support and social contact during hard times

[09:52] Reach out to friends and ask for their help

[10:30] It is okay to admit that you are struggling

[13:37] Show kindness to people who need help

[14:58] Productive activities that you can engage during Covid

[16:56] Tips on how you can redeem your lost business during the pandemic

[20:14] How Carolyn bounced back strongly in 2012

[23:18] Key tips for people who still struggle with overcoming hard times


Notable quotes

  • “Optimism is nurtured and worked even if it is genetically passed.”-BracoPobric.
  • “Changing the world begins at changing your mind-world”-Carolyn King
  • “Every challenge has a solution, that may be in form of opportunities.”- Carolyn King
  • “Obstacles are the bad times that help us build resiliency.”-BracoPobric
  • “Living alone is the most difficult phase in the life of a naturally social human being.”-BracoPobric
  • “Don’t wait for someone to give you happiness, create yours.”-Carolyn King
  • “You were not built to live alone. Ask for help”- BracoPobric
  • “Being kind helps you increase your overall wellbeing”-BracoPobric
  • “Don’t wait for a hard time in life to hit you. Practice resiliency when times are good, so that you can overcome.”-BracoPobric
  • “It is never the wrong time to start working on yourself”-BracoPobric


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