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Saira Arif

I've been learning about positive psychology and i haven't come across anyone as good as Braco! He is the Guru of PP and im absolutely excited to have started this journey with Braco. Braco's style of teaching is so unique, its calming, with a lot of real life examples so easy to relate to.

Elizabeth Harper

Highly recommend Braco's classes, trainings and certifications. He is an expert in his filed.

Sudharshan Sridharan

Braco is a happiness expert, an authentic and good human being. He wants people to grow and transform. It's difficult to find such a person who is authentic and have a genuine interest in other people. I recommend his courses to all those who want happiness in their life and those who are interested in coaching others.

Available Courses 

Positive Psychology Specialized Certifications 

Art and Positive Psychology

$99.00 USD

Food For Mood: Happiness and Food

$199.00 USD