Positive Psychology Master Coach Certification

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Positive Psychology Master Coach Certification


Positive Psychology Master Coach, is it worth the effort? 

Before that, do you know what the most common thing we ignore about ourselves is? It is our mind. In every aspect of our lives, paying attention to our mental capability and well-being is essential. It is even more important for leaders because they impact a massive number of people. This precisely is why bringing positive psychology into professional mentoring and coaching becomes essential. 

Gladly, people can learn positive psychology systematically, and it can change the idea of mentoring to a great extent. Life Success Academy aims to bring this idea in front with its accredited courses to enable the practice of positive impact in our communities and businesses. This learning of positive psychology fosters good coaching and develops a person from within.

Who Should go for Positive Psychology Master Coach?

Now, Positive Psychology Master Coach, the best combination of nine accredited courses, is not for trainers and coaches only. Practically anyone can benefit from grooming. Suppose you are a teacher, a team lead, a student aiming to bring changes, a homemaker, or a parent. In that case, you can unleash your inner positivity and inspire people in various unimaginable ways.

For you to join the Master Coach is to have a vision of going for a transformation. This creates an environment for thinking and creating better for humanity in each of our places. Eventually, what you get is a confidence boost for working behind all your causes.

I have Completed my Positive Psychology Master Coach. Now What?

Undoubtedly, one of the most common queries we receive from aspirants or certified coaches of this Master coach is, "what to do after being a certified coach?" So, in this blog, we discuss how certified coaches should move forward and what they ought to remember.

Honestly speaking, one cannot do many things at once after graduating from the Positive Psychology Master Coach. For this, the first and most fundamental advice is to take small steps and start small. A graduate of this coaching has a lot to offer to the world. Because a graduate of this coaching will have enough resources to train others, be better leaders and teachers. 

The course teaches that our goals consist of small wins. For this, a graduate should start by targeting a small group. It could be just one's existing team or group of students. Moreover, it can also be starting a new venture through face-to-face classes or online social media content. It is about delivering to people what you have received from the course in newer and more innovative ways.

Braco Pobric Interviews Kareem Sheta: Journey of Kareem after the Certification

In one of the business and happiness podcast episodes, internationally recognized Positive Psychology Expert and Corporate Trainer Braco Pobric interviews his former student, Positive Psychology Master Coach certified, and currently a corporate trainer, Kareem Sheta.

In that episode, Kareem Sheta shares his experience after graduating from the course. He mentions that after graduating, we should ask ourselves how this can benefit the people around me. Because whatever goal we set for ourselves should provide results both ways. Then, he simply decided to start with three main elements of content, educational posts, videos, and interviews. Kareem reminds us not to do anything for the traction or followers but the impact and joy out of it.

When corporate trainers or content creators try to find their right audience and target market, a big dilemma hits. Kareem's experience says he was also in confusion regarding this matter. However, he remembered learning to take small steps and go for Egyptians at first and then expand to the entire Middle East. Even Braco Pobric says that even if our content is good enough for everybody, we should start with serving a small group.

Kareem stresses enough on enjoying the process till reaching the final goal. Braco adds to that by mentioning that if we burn ourselves, we get nothing out of it. Additionally, he advises having a healthy mindset and voice for specific goals, facilitating the entire process ahead.

Notably, nobody should compare their progress with others because the prime competition is with oneself. To this, Kareem states that actual progress is becoming the better version of yourself. In his second phase, Kareem started coordinating with two other trainers who also have their bases of followers. 

Interestingly, all three of them have different backgrounds in engineering, marketing, and medical, which adds a unique touch to their project and courses. The other two Positive Psychology Master Coach certified coaches are Rania Sultan and Dr. Amira Waly, forming the page named ARK with their initials. As Kareem claims, ARKs are famously known for saving people, so their company's motto is also saving people out of depression.

Kareem's story is genuinely inspiring and hopeful. Now, does this make you want to enroll in this Master Coach training and coaching? To help your initial thoughts, here are two cents on this program.

About the Positive Psychology Master Coach Program

With nine accredited certification courses and optional 180 CPD, Positive Psychology Master Coach is one of its kind. Because no other course offers all these values within the affordability. Moreover, with internationally recognized Positive Psychology Master Trainer Braco Pobric, this coaching journey has become remarkable and game-changing. Adding to that, Braco has the experience of training more than 60,000 students from 172 countries!

All the students get to have accountability partners, direct interactions with the instructor, scientific approaches, connection to reality, and many other benefits. As all the former students proudly say, this course improves their body and mind from within and makes them confident and efficient in their work and day-to-day life at large.

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